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Travis from Texas



from Texas

Travis enjoys being held and cuddled. He gives you a smile when being held and is a happy child. Travis likes to have others near him when he is falling asleep. He likes bright colors and smiles when he is shown colorful toys in front of him. Travis enjoys it when someone sings to him and he likes listening to soft music. He responds more to a firm touch on his legs or back. He loves his "Jumperoo" time. Travis enjoys being around different people. He does not do a lot of crying, but does make soft noises. Although Travis is not sitting up yet, he will roll over on his tummy when laid on the carpet. He also likes his colorful cartoon time in front of a tablet.

Travis needs a two parent family that will provide him with attention, love, and care. He needs a family that understands how to meet his needs. Travis will do fine in a home with other siblings.

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