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Veenus from Texas



from Texas

Veenus, who prefers to be called ?EURoeKayla?EUR, is an outgoing youth. She enjoys singing and dancing. She also likes to be the center of attention. Kayla likes to put on pretend shows and she can be very animated. She loves the "High School Musical" movies and she can sing almost all of the songs from the movies. Kayla has a very vivid imagination and likes to make up stories about people and places. In school, Kayla has some difficulties and benefits from frequent prompts and monitoring to help her remain motivated and complete her work. When she is motivated, she does very well. At times Kayla can be insistent and react in a physical manner in her interactions with other children. She requires more supervision, guidance, and role modeling with peer relationships. Kayla is very sweet and does well with one-on-one attention. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Northwest Texas.

Kayla will do well in a family with no other children or children who are much older than her. She will thrive in a family who is consistent and sets expectations, boundaries, and discipline. Kayla needs to understand the rules of the home and consequences for breaking the rules. Kayla requires a good amount of attention and she needs a family who will remain united in their approach with her. Kayla needs reassurance that she is loved and that the family who adopts her is committed to her. Kayla needs a family who is committed to participating in any needed services, including supportive services for herself and the family.

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