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Zane from Texas



from Texas

Zane is a bright and friendly youth. He enjoys being outside and active! He likes riding his bike, fishing, and hunting for frogs. Zane also enjoys playing basketball and football and is a fan as well! His favorite teams are Texas Tech, Houston Rockets, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Inside activities that interest him include video games, Legos, puzzles, board games, and watching TV. His favorite food is steak and he does not like broccoli. His favorite subject in school is science. Zane enjoys the company of friends, but struggles to form close friendships. At times he has self-esteem difficulties and can get frustrated with others when he feels like someone is laughing at him or doesn't like him. Zane likes to go to church and would like a family who will help him continue to grow his Christian faith. He is currently working on a budget for himself, and would like to get a part-time job when he turns sixteen.

Zane would like a family who is active, enjoys doing things outside, and goes on trips together. He also would like a family who will teach him how to fix things and work on house and car projects together. Zane needs a family who is patient, kind, and understanding. He requires one-on-one attention to help him thrive. Zane needs a family who will help him develop confidence. A two parent home with a father or single father home will be ideal for him.

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