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Zoey from Texas



from Texas

Zoey is a very genuine, fun loving child who enjoys laughing and dancing. She loves to mimic others and lights up when any of her Minnie Mouse toys are around her. Zoey is not shy meeting new friends. She likes to play ball, show off her toys, and dance her "hula dance" for her other house mates and also friendly faces coming to visit. Zoey has several medical conditions for which she needs monitoring. She has an abnormal structure of hemoglobin. As a result of this, Zoey has a trach for breathing and g-button for feeding. She has limited mobility, but she is progressing positively at her own rate. She shuffles across the floor and is pulling herself up on things. She participates in physical therapy twice a week and is showing signs of progress. Zoey is a survivor who has managed to maintain a happy and positive demeanor in the face of challenges.

Zoey will do best in a home where she is the only child. A household where Zoey is a main focus is ideal due to her medical needs, love for interaction, and joy for life. Medical knowledge will be beneficial as well, due to the level of Zoey's medical needs. A patient, structured, and compassionate household will provide her the stability she needs in order to continue to meet developmental marks.

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