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Haleigh from Virginia



from Virginia

Damien prefers to be called by his middle name "Paul". He enjoys playing outside and engaging in outside activities, especially throwing balls. Damien tends to shy away from social activities, unless his current foster mother is with him. Although he enjoys spending time outdoors, he has more fun when is accompanied by an adult.

Damien can be very helpful and often wants to please others. He can complete simple household chores after several verbal prompts. Damien’s favorite food is pizza and his least favorite food is vegetables. He loves to laugh and have fun. Damien enjoys riding rides at amusement parks and eating out. He would like to travel to Spain one day. Damien’s favorite holiday is Christmas. In the future, he would like to be a firefighter.

Haleigh is a typical teenager who enjoys interacting with her friends, talking on her cell phone, playing on her iPad, watching television, and attending sporting events. She has learned how to ski and really enjoys it. Haleigh loves going out to eat. Her favorite food is pizza and her least favorite is vegetables. Haleigh’s favorite chore is setting the table.

She would one day like to travel to Spain. Haleigh’s favorite holiday is Christmas. She is currently in the Drama Club and loves listening to music as well as being around her friends and just being silly. Also, Haleigh loves animals.

Kyle loves soccer and hopes to one day become a professional soccer player! He enjoys being outside, riding his bike and playing on the trampoline. Kyle can be very helpful and most of the time is very respectful. His favorite food is pizza and least favorite are vegetables. Kyle’s like Haleigh’s favorite holiday is Christmas. One day, Kyle would also like to travel to Spain. He likes going to amusement parks and riding roller coasters. Kyle is currently in the Drama club. He loves playing video games with his friends. Kyle also likes talking on his cell phone and playing games on his iPad. Kyle makes AB honor roll and enjoys school. He wants to be successful and understands that education is important.

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