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Tymique from Virginia



from Virginia

Tymique is a fun-filled and loving teenager who has a great sense of humor and an energetic smile. Tymique has several interests and hobbies which include playing video games and sports. He enjoys most recreational activities but especially enjoys skating, football, and basketball. Tymique has participated in a recreational basketball league and did very well on the league and has a desire to participate in pop warner football. His favorite subjects in school are Physical Education and Art, and he does exceedingly well in those areas. Tymique has gained a new interest in learning the piano and wants to participate in his school band. He is also a talented singer and often enjoys singing with his older siblings. Tymique loves pets, specifically dogs.

Tymique is a resilient child who is able to openly discuss his needs and how he wants to achieve them. Tymique dislikes being told no without having someone providing rationale.

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