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Vincent from Virginia



from Virginia

Vincent is a young teenaged male full of energy, intelligence, and curiosity. He loves creating worlds in Minecraft, playing video games, and learning new things. Vincent also has a passion for Legos and other tools, which allow him to exercise his powerful imagination. He has tremendous academic potential, earning all As in seventh grade and easily passing his standardized tests! Vincent’s favorite subjects in school are math, science, and history. Though English is not his favorite subject, he often reads for pleasure. He has expressed interest in studying computer science. His favorite meal is pizza. His favorite snack is a bowl of grapes. Vincent has enjoyed participating in many and varied activities, ranging from martial arts and basketball to robotics camps and Boy Scouts.

Vincent’s ideal forever family will help him make and keep friends and provide unwavering support as he heals from many past disappointments. Vincent will benefit from a structured, nurturing family setting with dedicated and patient caregivers.

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