Alissa & Asher

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Rodeo Time

It is rodeo month here in Fort Worth and we have loved going as a family multiple times!  Annie LOVES it and Asher is a sucker to let her pick out a toy every time.  We also took Irené, our exchange student from Africa and he loved it too.  Although he thinks we are crazy!  ha ha ha    

We Promise You

We cannot fully understand what emotions you must be feeling right now, but we appreciate the weight of this decision and do not take it lightly. We have prayed for this opportunity, that God would prepare us, and that He would prepare you. If you choose us to parent your child, we promise to steward them with love, teach them to love God and others, lavish them with praise, instruct them in the ways that are right and always give them a place to feel safe.  We promise to always provide encouragement when they feel down, forgiveness in plenty when they expect none, a laugh to lift spirits higher, teach them how to dream, but not make dreams their master, discipline when needed, wisdom to discern truth from lie, and how to have fun like nobody else. Thank you for this opportunity and know that we are praying for you as you go through this process, regardless of whether you choose us or not. 

Our Happy Place

Our house has 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. It is on almost 2 acres of property and has a HUGE backyard with a gigantic oak tree in the middle of it, which already has a swing attached to it. We also have a pool (with a safety tarp) that we swim in all the time! There is a playhouse for the kids and a basketball hoop in the driveway. There are bikes, power wheels and other toys all over the porches and driveway. We have a weekly Bible study meet at our house and all the adults hide to do our study in a separate room and the children all run wild through the house and outside with a babysitter. Our house is centered around the back yard and being outside. We have a huge den with 15 foot ceilings where we hang out at night watching movies! Our neighborhood is an old one, with mature trees and lots of hills. We live close enough to walk to a few restaurants and love to go to our favorite breakfast spot on Saturday mornings with Annie in her stroller and our lab, Ella. We also live across the street from a golf course and love to walk on it, throw the ball to Ella, and putt on the greens in the evening. Annie loves running down the fairways!

Our dog

We have a chocolate lab named Ella. She is the most laid back dog you will ever meet. She puts up with everything Annie does to her from poking her eyes, sitting on her, and pulling her tail. Ella goes to Alissa’s office with her during work and sleeps all day! She also loves the ranches and lake and playing fetch is her favorite. Ella is a part of our family and sleeps in our bedroom and never leaves our sides!

Meet Annie

Annie is two and a half and has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is tall for her age, but her daddy is really tall! Annie loves to watch Baby Shark on tv or Moana. She loves to sing and dance to anything. And she loves to eat Pirates Booty popcorn. She is strong willed, as all 2-year olds are and she knows how to say “no” really well! She loves to play outside and at the park. Annie is constantly learning new things and wants to “help” right next to us no matter what we are doing. We love getting to introduce her to this world, from washing the dog, going grocery shopping, and filling up the car with gas, everything is fun and an adventure with her.