Courtney & Josh

Hoping to Adopt (California)


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Elizabeth Hunt


I recommend Courtney and Josh wholeheartedly and with great joy for the child who will get to join their family. Courtney and Josh are reliable, thoughtful, bright, and down to earth. They are nurturing parents, and are extremely loving and generous. They create an atmosphere of ease, reflection, and fun in which everyone around them feels that they grow. I asked Josh to be our wedding officiant because of the family's authenticity and strength and I believed, rightfully so, that it would bode well for my union with my husband.

Elizabeth Hunt Endorsed Loving, Playful, Curious, Open-hearted, Adventurous

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Courtney and Josh are amazing as a couple and as individuals. They are 2 of the most genuine, thoughtful, generous-hearted people I know. They are constantly supporting those in their community. As parents, they are engaged, humble, playful, devoted, mindful of limits, fun. They live with integrity and care for the world around them. They are a family that I both admire and love to spend time with.

Sarah Endorsed Loving, Playful, Curious, Open-hearted, Adventurous

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Andrea Lira

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Josh and Courtney are truly two of the most conscientious, thoughtful and intentional parents and people I know (not to mention, two of my most favorite people in the world). I have known them for 7 years and have witnessed their journey into parenthood from the very beginning and never cease to be impressed with their intentional, balanced approach to parenting. Josh and Courtney strike a very good balance in that they’re super fun parents, supportive and effectively communicate boundaries when needed. They encourage Forest’s creativity and authentic self, giving him room to explore as part of his development and confidence building (while simultaneously ensuring his well-being and safety). They’re thoughtful, kind and nurturing in their communication style with him and very intentional with regard to instilling and modeling values of inclusivity, kindness and generosity. Furthermore, Josh and Courtney place high value on community building, making concerted efforts to create a diverse, connected "village" in which to raise their son, AND to model what it is to value and nurture healthy relationships. Any child would be extremely lucky to become a part of their family - I cannot emphasize that enough! :)

Andrea Lira Endorsed Loving, Playful, Curious, Open-hearted, Adventurous