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McKay and Heidi Lund


The Binghams are dear friends of ours. We have known them for years and our children play nearly everyday. I genuinely love the Bingham family. Eric and Amber are some of the most sincere and caring people I know. Family is first and foremost to them and time with their children is precious. They make time with them a priority whether it's Bingham Family Day, game night, stories around the campfire, working in the garden or star gazing at night. They are all continuously following their passions and interests and inviting anyone to come along for the ride. Their kids are happy, kind, sincere, have good manners, hard workers, full of life and good good friends. With the Binghams you can laugh and cry and find motivation to be a better version of yourself. They inspire me to be a better me and a better Mom.

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Shaylyn McPherson

Sister, sister-in-law, aunt

I can not say enough good about the Bingham family! From the minute you enter their home the feelings of peace, love, joy and acceptance are so prominent that they can’t be overlooked. It will be very hard to find a family that exhibits more genuine love and kindness toward each other and all those around them. This family loves to cook, clean, garden, hike, sing and explore and so much more together. Both Eric and Amber are so good at seeing and encouraging their kids in whatever talents they pursue and you could not ask for more supportive or better big sisters and brothers then the Bingham kids. Between Amber who loves to cook, craft and play with her kids and Eric who’s a teacher that loves to garden hike and work outside theirs always fun and adventure to be had at the Bingham house! I know many of my children wish that they were part of The Bingham family and love to take every chance they can to spend time with them.