Kelly & Derek

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Meet Kelly

I am a fun, loving teacher from TX who loves life! I teach Kindergarten and I think it is seriously the best job, ever! It is such a rewarding experience when my students’ little light bulbs come on as they are figuring out things. I have taught 3rd and 5th as well, but Kindergarten has been my favorite. Some of my favorite things to do are hang out with my 4-legged fur kids, antique shopping with friends, hang out with our family and reading children’s books. Another favorite of mine is taking pictures. My family and friends often joke with me about all the photos I take, but when one of them are looking for a specific picture from a particular time, I am the first they come to. If I wasn’t a teacher, I would take classes to better my photography skills. I also love watching our niece and other kids we’re close to participate in their extra activities. I can’t wait to offer these opportunities to a child of our own whether it be art, music, or a sport of their choice. I am also a huge fan of football and baseball. My dad instilled in me my love of sports from a young age. I love going to the games or watching them from home.

Meet Derek

While I do have a serious side, I am usually a big jokester and have been known to crack a few puns and “dad jokes”; I live to laugh and take life lightly. Although I work in an office environment in an analyst role, the outdoors is where I prefer to be. Bass fishing is my passion and I have turned that passion into volunteerism. I enjoy taking kids fishing and running an annual benefit that raises funds for children and their families battling cancer. Although we live in the suburbs, I enjoy baling hay or hunting on our family farm; I love the country life!

Our Pets

We have 3 dogs who love everyone more than some people like. First, we have Daisy. She is the oldest and the most laid back. She loves her people so much. She is half German Shorthair Pointer and half lab. She is as gentle as they come! She does get “talkative” at times when she is off chasing squirrels. Next is Chevy, she is the typical “middle child” that is always right there in the mix. We always say she is saying, “me too, me too!” She is sweet and loves her people too. She never wants to be left out of anything. Chevy is part lab and part Kerr dog. Last, but certainly not least, is our fun loving, crazy boy, Echo! He is almost 3 years old, and he is deaf. He doesn’t hear a peep. He looks like a Dalmatian, but he’s not at all. He is a mix of many breeds. He loves EVERYONE! He knows sign language and tries his best to be a good boy. Our fur babies are a part of our family. We love them well and it’s no secret that they are spoiled to the bone!