Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


My Work

I love the work that I do and the people that I work with. My job is in communications and community relations, so I'm work with all different types of people in a variety of ways to help promote my company. My favorite part of my job is partnering with non-profit organizations, children's hospitals, elementary schools, and charities to help raise money or grant wishes. I have worked often with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Children's Miracle Network, rescue shelters for abused women and children, and other organizations that support homeless children, children with Down Syndrome, etc. It is very humbling to meet families who are going through difficult times, and I feel blessed by the many amazing families and children I have had the privilege of meeting throughout the years. Outside of work, I serve as a mentor for college students for the university I graduated from as well as a Junior Achievement teacher for a local high school. Coming from a family of ministers, principals, and school teachers, working with these kids is something that I really enjoy!

My Friends

I am very fortunate to be surrounded by great friends that have been in my life for a very long time - most for over 20 years. They are extended family to me, and there for anything that I need. They all know my dream of being a mom, and would fully embrace, love and support a child in my life. Most of them have little kids too, so I would have a lot of other moms to call for guidance and advice if needed. My friends' kids, who all call me Aunt Martha, have also been a large part of my life since the day each of them were born!

My Pets

Meet the furry family members! I have a 12 year old (and five pound) dog named Molly. She is extremely friendly and wonderful with little kids. My parent's dog, Lucy, is the same breed and spends a lot of time with us too. They are both snuggle bugs and very sweet natured. We have taken them on dozens of family trips and they always enjoy the adventures. Molly and Lucy are impossible not to love, so I have to admit they get pretty spoiled by us!