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Antonio from Alabama



from Alabama

Antonio, born in January 2002, is a very intelligent bright young man who is talented and likes to sing. Antonio has an ear for music and can play many instruments. In the past, has enjoyed playing the drums at church. He likes to read the Bible and quote scriptures. Antonio has a warm heart and can show affection but he tries to keep a wall built up of the bad-boy, nothing bothers me mentality (on the outside). He can be remorseful for his actions and demeanor. Antonio would benefit from being in a two-parent household with a strong father and mother figure or a single parent male home with consistent structure and firm boundary setting. Antonio does exceptionally well academically in school but sometimes his behavior impedes his learning. He is really a gifted child and can go in deep thought analyzing any situation. Antonio desires a loving family but he's somewhat resistant due to his numerous rejections which have caused multiple placement changes.

Photograph and Video provided courtesy of www.heartgalleryalabama.com

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