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Austin from Alabama



from Alabama

Austin, born March 2001, is an energetic boy who enjoys sports, playing video games, swimming, riding horses, and playing outside. He is athletic and enjoys an active life style. Austin is also open to new adventures. He would love to play school sports but due to being behind two grades levels he is unable to compete and due to his age, he cannot play little league sports. He is very motivated to catch up in school and is making good grades at this time. Participation in extracurricular activities is beneficial for Austin; promoting his self-esteem and helping him to control his impulses. Austin can be obstinate at times and likes to live in his own reality. Austin's favorite food is a taco salad and his favorite restaurant is Burger King. Austin is a healthy boy with good eating habits. His favorite birthday party would be hosted at a skating rink with lots of friends and family.

Austin would like a mom who is nice, calm and someone who he can talk to. Austin likes to keep busy all the time and enjoys having a schedule. Austin is not "girl crazy" but is quickly approaching that stage in life. He is hesitant and shy to make new friends. Austin would benefit from either a two parent home or a single female home.

*Photograph provided courtesy of www.heartgalleryalabama.com

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