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Destiney from Alabama



from Alabama

Destiney, born June 2001 likes to play volleyball, ride horses, play basketball and read her bible in her spare time. Destiney is hearing impaired and uses sign language for communication and writing notes as a 2nd form of communication. She gets frustrated when she's unable to understand someone and vice versa due to her impairment. She desires a single or two parent family who knows sign language or who is willing to learn. Destiney is a likeable and highly favored child by her peers however she tends to bully younger kids. When she becomes frustrated she calms herself down and on her own time. Destiney can be calm, sweet and humble at times. She takes pride in her appearance and likes to look good and dress well and she is very interested in boys. She resides in a facility for children with hearing impairments and receives special education services. Destiney's favorite subject is Reading and English and she desires to become a teacher. She is very affectionate and likes cats and dogs. She has a visiting resource that she stays with during holidays and extended weekends due to the facility being closed who does not desire to adopt. Destiney is open to adoption and to meet families but she has some reservations due to her unresolved grief and losses that are being addressed.

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