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Evelyn from Alabama



from Alabama

Evelyn, born July 2000, is an outgoing and kind 16 year old young lady. Evelyn is a freshman in high school. She is always willing to help around the house and loves to be around children of all ages. She has a very nurturing and mothering nature about her. She enjoys doing crafts and taking pictures. Evelyn is looking for a structured family who will work with her on boundaries and help her flourish in future relationships. Evelyn is learning about the importance of exercise and healthy eating habits and it's impact on her life. She enjoys attending church and various church activities. She is hoping to participate in ROTC next year in school and thrives in different structured settings. Evelyn is very attached to the mother figures in her life and enjoys spending time with them. She has a very pleasing personality and does not like to disappoint others. Evelyn is full of life and always excited to try something new, including the roller coasters at Disney World.

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