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James from Alabama



from Alabama

James (who prefers to be called by his middle name of Daniel), born March 2009, is a cute young man who can be very sweet. He loves to play with LEGOS, board games, and just having someone to talk to. He can be very creative when he is provided with craft materials (glue, construction paper, crayons, and scissors). He is very skilled in video games and electronics. Daniel enjoys being around adults and getting their attention. He love to be outside, and loves having someone with him while he is playing. Daniel can be very helpful around the house and he loves praise. He is very aware of his environment and seeks out anything of interest.

Daniel needs a couple with no other children so that he will have their undivided attention. He needs parents who are patient and who are willing to provide structure and consistency. His parents need to be able to understand Daniel's past trauma and be open to learning techniques that will help Daniel manage his behaviors and redirect him using positive methods.

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