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Silvana from Alabama



from Alabama

Silvana, born June 2004, is a very pleasant young lady. She is polite and mannerly. She enjoys Girl Scouts, arts, coloring, and painting. She is catching up in English, as Spanish is her first language. She gets along well with her peers. Silvana likes dogs, especially puppies. Her English has greatly improved since last year. She is able to communicate very well. Silvana missed learning phonics in school, as she didn't attend school here in the U.S. during her first years of grade school. She is working on mastering phonics and is doing well. Her foster family reports that Silvana is a joy in their home. She has been able to experience a myriad of activities such as Girl Scouts and travelling since being in this foster home. Silvana would benefit from, and she deserves a forever family who will love her, guide her, and help her through her teen years to become the well-adjusted, contributing, and awesome adult she will become.

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