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David from Arizona



from Arizona

Known as a “genuine, helpful, and playful young man,” David is full of energy and compassion. He says he wants his forever family to know that he is kind to others and has good behavior. David also has a creative side which he expresses through music and dance; he can often be found jamming to songs on his MP3 player. Given the opportunity, David would spend all of his time outdoors playing sports. His favorite sports are baseball and basketball; one of his favorite activities is playing basketball with his friends at the YMCA.

When he grows up, David’s dream is to be a Major League Baseball pitcher. David dreams of a forever family who is willing to take him on outings, play sports with him, and make him his favorite food — carne asada. David truly values family and looks forward to having a forever family who will continually show him love and support. David was born in 2002.

For more information please contact: Karla Sanchez, kasanchez@arizonaschildren.org, 480-341-5551

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