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Zach from Arizona



from Arizona

Zach is a silly and lively boy. He absolutely loves everything Hot Wheels cars and would love for a family to take him to see a NASCAR event someday. When he's not playing with or talking about his car collection, he likes Legos and Dominoes too! Zach says he also enjoys just watching TV or playing Minecraft at home and eating his two favorite foods,pizza and spaghetti.

He enjoys school and his favorite class is P.E. He also likes science, because of the fun experiments!

Zach would benefit from a one or two parent home with a lot of structure and routine. Zach hopes his forever family would be willing to take him to a hockey game or a NASCAR race someday.

Zach was born in 2006.

For more information contact James Patton at jpatton@cfcare.org.

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