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Ansel from Bulgaria



from Bulgaria

Ansel was born in August 2015 with bilateral cleft lip (surgical repair completed) and cleft of the hard and soft palate (in the second stage of surgical repair). He has also been diagnosed with asthma of predominant allergic component, strabismus, and serous otitis media (for which tubes have been placed). His development is delayed.

Ansel sits independently, pulls to stand, walks around a fixed support or when led by one or both hands, and has recently started taking steps on his own. He is expected to walk without assistance very soon. An active little boy, Ansel crawls constantly when placed on the floor, reaches for and grabs objects that are handed to him, and knocks cubes together with help. He has begun to show some eye contact and to fix and follow with his eyes. Ansel does not react to his name or to other auditory stimulation. He vocalizes random syllables but does not speak.

While Ansel does not show interest in other children nor play purposefully with toys, he will interact individually with adults. Ansel shows some stereotyped behaviors when anxious or excited, such as hitting his head with his hands, alternating left and right. He is spoon-fed by a caregiver and has a good appetite. Ansel works with a speech therapist, music therapist, psychologist, and physical therapist.

Weight at Birth: 2.750 kg Height at Birth: 48 cm

Weight Aug 2017: 10.800 kg Height Aug 2017: 81 cm


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