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Caever from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Caever is a handsome little boy who will melt your heart with his smile. He enjoys when others play along with him with his toys. Caever has a calm temperament and is able to track your movement with his eyes. He will turn his head towards familiar voices and offer up a smile when his caregivers spend time with him and talk directly to him. Caever is a unique child with specific medical needs that require a ventilator. He currently resides in a facility that offers pediatric care. Caever is non-verbal, but able to communicate through facial expressions. He smiles when he is happy, and cries when he is in discomfort. Caever needs a forever family who will meet his daily needs, receive training to provide the best care, consider in-home nurses, advocate for him, and provide him with unconditional love and commitment. Families will be offered extensive and helpful training to understand his needs as he has a committed medical team. Caever is legally free for adoption.