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Isaiah from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Isaiah is an athletic and intelligent young man who will keep you in check when it comes to sports and card games! While he tends to be quiet and reserved, he absolutely comes alive on the basketball court and his iconic poker face will break through to a big smile and completive persona. He has played basketball in recreational leagues, but he would love to play on a high school team. He also loves to play football! Another instance when his poker face makes an appearance is during UNO or other card games, which makes beating him quite the challenge! He's a fantastic math student, so he uses those skills to examine his cards and determine how to play his hand. He's quick, but thoughtful, in his moves so you better be ready to keep up! Like most teenage boys, Isaiah is a big eater! He would really to like sit down and have a home cooked meal of lasagna with his future adoptive family. He is also quite helpful, and would enjoy lending a hand to prepare this meal. Additionally, to complete the meal, he wouldd enjoy any type of peanut butter dessert. Isaiah is focused on his future goals of finding an adoptive home, but is also mindful of a long-term goal of joining the Marines. It would be wonderful for Isaiah to have parents who could help guide and support this very important career choice. Isaiah would prefer to have a two-parent family, with a strong male role model, who will shoot hoops with him. Isaiah pictures himself living in a neighborhood with other kids around. Isaiah does have intermittent contact with his siblings that he would like to continue. Isaiah is legally free for adoption. For more information about this fantastic young man, please contact his recruiter, Helene, at