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Shane from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Shane is an energetic, imaginative, and outgoing young man with light brown hair and big blue eyes. He prefers, and feels most comfortable with, one-on-one attention, but is also able to entertain himself creatively. He enjoys building and using paper to create art projects and various household items, such as a telephone. He's a very active individual and enjoys playing outside. His favorite football team is the Denver Broncos. His favorite foods are pizza and anything sweet. He says that if he could have three wishes he would ask for, ?an iPhone 6, a giant house with a giant pool, and a MP3 player.? Shane states that his favorite subjects are his art therapy class and lunch. He's built strong relationships with others and has positive interactions with peers, although he tends to keep to himself during free time and play time. Shane's open to any type of family and says he would enjoy having some siblings. He'd feel most comfortable in a home with one or two older children. He's looking for a forever family who will support him and also his desire to remain in contact with his biological family. For more information about him, please contact his recruiter, RaTasha, at