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Aaron from Texas



from Texas

Aaron is an adorable little boy who has the ability to make his needs for affection and attention known to all. Aaron was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome which is a complex genetic disorder that primarily affects the nervous system. Aaron makes vocal noises to let his caregivers know he wants to be held. He reacts by withdrawing from individuals with whom he is not familiar but once he warms up he displays a joyful smile. Aaron communicates by making sounds such as babbling. He cannot walk but he can crawl fiercely and stretch his body and kicks his legs with excitability. He receives special services at home as well as within the school environment. He receives physical, speech, and occupational therapies to assist him with learning to accomplish a degree of functioning. Aaron is easily excited and entertains almost everyone. He loves snuggling and getting cuddles from his foster parent. He crawls around the house and likes to explore everything. Music is one of Aaron's fun moments as he moves and jumps to the rhythm of the songs. He also likes to play in the water. Aaron enjoys going to school and being around his classmates.

This bright eyed child requires a dedicated and resourceful family who has experience in caring for children with medical needs. The family who will best meet Aaron's needs will be aware that caring for him can be challenging yet rewarding. The ideal family will embrace Aaron and include him in family activities and outings. Aaron needs a family who will make a life time commitment to caring for him.

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