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Aaryana from Texas



from Texas

Aaryana is a very sweet youth who has expressed a great interest in fashion and loves going shopping for clothes. She wishes to become a lawyer, caseworker, or track star one day. She especially loves to run and is hoping to make the varsity track team. Aaryana works hard in school. She benefits from someone assisting her with her studies and offering extra support. Aaryana's favorite subject in school is math and journal writing. She is an outgoing child who loves to make new friends and play games. Aaryana enjoys attending church, going to the movies, and talking to her birth sibling on the phone. She loves Italian food and her favorite food is pizza. Aaryana has worked very hard and has learned how to manage her behaviors. She appreciates going on outings with supportive adults and peers in her life. She is somewhat reserved when it comes to forming close bonds with others. Aaryana struggles with separation from her former family and will do well in a home with supportive parents.

Aaryana will do well with a family who is able to provide her with a nurturing and loving environment. She will benefit from parents who can provide her with attention and a sense of belonging and being accepted. Aaryana needs assistance with her studies in school, and will do well in a supportive and structured environment. She wishes to be adopted by parents who are caring, kind, and understanding. Aaryana prefers a home with no animals.

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