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Anthony from Texas



from Texas

Anthony is a very loveable child. He is an outgoing child who is diagnosed with Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy, brittle bones and chronic respiratory failure. He has a trach and he receives his nutrients through a G-Tube. Anthony is unable to walk and requires a wheelchair for mobility. Although Anthony is non-verbal, he tries to vocalize through his trach and he is able to communicate with others through the use of touching. He will tap a person's hand if asked to give a "high five" or shakes his head "no" to get others to mimic him. . He is becoming more outgoing within his physical limitations. Anthony enjoys watching cartoons and playing with toys that have big buttons, lights, make sounds and move. Anthony is able to throw light objects and picks out toys that he wants to play with. Anthony is a home bound student. He is capable of interacting with the teacher and seems to enjoy the interaction. Anthony receives PT and OT in the home.

Anthony needs a family experienced in caring for a child with medical needs. The family needs to be willing to allow nurses, therapists, and other professionals into their home to care for him. Because of the severity of his condition, Anthony will have lifelong developmental and medical needs. It is important that the family have access to resources and be a strong advocate so that all of his needs are met. An adoptive home for Anthony needs to be loving, nurturing, and stimulating.