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Artavia from Texas



from Texas

Kelony (AKA Artavia) is a very happy teenager. She is shy at first, but has a good sense of humor once she gets to know someone. She enjoys playing computer games and spending time with her friends. Kelony is artistic and creative. She enjoys drawing and painting. She also sings in her church choir. Kelony is a hard worker. It is a joy to meet her and spend time with her. She is very interested in playing games and putting puzzles together. Kelony interacts appropriately with peers and adults at school. She respects authority and is cooperative. Kelony enjoys learning and wants to do well in school. She sometimes has difficulty processing things; therefore, she requires repetition or restatement of tasks to help with comprehension. Kelony receives assistance at school to help her succeed. She receives tutoring after school and seems to do well with one-on-one help. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Kelony is very affectionate and needs a family that will be very loving and supportive. She requires some additional supervision, as she learns at a slower rate than others her age. She will benefit from a home with a strong mother who models appropriate behaviors. Her home should be structured. Kelony responds well to praise.

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