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Aruvon from Texas



from Texas

Aruvon is an active child. He is a very intelligent, polite youth who has a pleasant personality and is very engaging. Aruvon is very likeable, smiles a lot and appears to have a sweet and kind demeanor. He enjoys looking through magazines and phone books. He likes cars, trailers, and his newest fascination is playing the drums. He loves anything to do with FedEx. Aruvon does enjoy being outside and loves attention. It can be hard to keep Aruvon's attention for very long. He needs direction and redirection often. Aruvon attends special classes at school. He also needs assistance with his behaviors at school. His therapist has stated that he making progress due to his dedicated caregiver. Aruvon does well with one on one attention and positive expectations. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Central Texas. View my 2012 video on Austin YNN "Forever Families".

Aruvon needs a very loving and nurturing family. The ideal family will be o accepting of his challenges and be patient and reassuring with him. Aruvon will need to be an only child or with a few children in the home who are older than him. Aruvon will do well in a small family. He needs a family who can provide one on one attention. His family needs to be willing to keep Aruvon in contact with his brother who is not a part of this adoption.

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