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Breanna from Texas



from Texas

Breanna is a sweet child with an outgoing personality. She loves playing outside, helping in the garden, painting, and swimming. She also likes playing games, watching movies, playing with dolls and Barbies, and playing dress-up. Breanna is diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome. She receives speech, occupational, and physical therapy both at home and school. She is most successful when she has a routine to follow and knows what to expect in her day. Breanna enjoys interacting with her peers. She is more of a follower than a leader and may need close adult supervision to ensure she makes good choices. She needs assistance and guidance with daily living activities, but she is continuing to make progress.

Breanna needs a family that will provide a structured, consistent, and loving environment. She needs a family who will work with her and provide her support for her needs. Her forever family will need to provide ample supervision, especially when Breanna is with other children. She will benefit from a small family setting and individual one-on-one attention.

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