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Bryan from Texas



from Texas

Bryan is a great young boy with a big heart. He can be very affectionate. Bryan is more tolerant of older children and adults. He has very little patience with younger children. Bryan enjoys being active, especially swimming, riding his bike, and other outdoor activities. He likes going to Church too! Bryan does best with clear boundaries and structure. He is currently attending a smaller school and doing very well. He had some difficulties in a large school and tends to do well in smaller settings. Bryan receives special assistance at school to help him be successful. He does not seem interested in playing sports at this time, but hasn't had the opportunity to become involved or knowledgeable about team sports. Bryan has a twin sister who is also seeking her forever home. Bryan likes keeping in touch with her. Bryan wants to be adopted and craves a stable, consistent, and loving caregiver.

Bryan needs a family who is very loving and supportive. He needs a family who will to set clear and consistent boundaries and offer positive reinforcement. Bryan will do best in family who does not have young children. His family will be open to contact with his sister, who is not a part of this adoption. Bryan's new family will need to be an advocate for him in the educational community. He needs a family who will never give up on him and encourage him to do his very best.