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Chance from Texas



from Texas

Chance is a smart and outgoing child. He is helpful and kind. He enjoys science, video games and making art projects. Chance enjoys attending school and reading. Chance enjoys outdoor activities such as basketball, riding bikes and swimming. Chance participates in soccer and basketball. He loves to attend the Dallas Stars hockey games. He also enjoyed participating in Boy Scouts. Chance also enjoys singing and listening to music. Additionally, he likes playing with animals, drawing and assisting with cooking. Chance occasionally expresses his emotions in a physical manner, but he responds well to redirection and consequences. Chance will continue to attend supportive services to cope with his past abuse and neglect. He continues to learn ways to manager his behaviors in a positive way. Chance has two brothers who he would like to keep in contact with after he is adopted.

Chance will do best in a home where he is the only child or the youngest child in the home. He would like an active family who will allow him to participate in extracurricular activities. He will likely excel in a structured home environment that can provide him with stability and love. Chance has two siblings who are not part of this adoption. It is important to Chance that he be able to maintain contact with his siblings.

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