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Chloe from Texas



from Texas

Chloe is a respectful and strong willed youth. She is very talkative and loves to engage in conversations with others. She loves to draw and color. Chloe enjoys reading, especially books that are funny and stories of which she can relate. She is an active teenager who loves being outside. Chloe has energy to burn and loves the outdoors; canoeing, swimming, and camping. She carries a love for animals with her. When inside she enjoys watching funny YouTube videos such as cute animals doing silly things. Her favorite is the dog who can say, "I love you!" Chloe loves using computers and learning about new technology. She needs specific directions when doing her chores. Chloe does best in the home when her with caregivers are firm about the home rules but also express affection and positive reinforcement. Chloe loves to be told when she does good things. View my video on WFAA "Wednesday's Child".

We are seeking a family who will help Chloe nurture and bloom. The ideal family will be able to praise her for all her accomplishments and strengths. She desires to be in a home that will accept her. She desires a family with siblings and hopes to have her own room. Chloe will benefit from a two parent home that is patient and can offer consistency. She needs parents who will be encouraging and patient with her efforts to do well in school and in the home. Parents who are able to advocate for Chloe at school will greatly benefit her as well. She may benefit from a two parent home. Chloe needs parents who will encourage her and be supportive of her.

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