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Chloe from Texas



from Texas

Chloe is a sweet girl who enjoys playing outside. She is very friendly and makes friends easily. Chloe likes playing video games. She likes to talk a lot and interacts well with others. Chloe is very enthusiastic and learns well from others. She enjoys school and learning new things. Chloe is very active and is always busy doing some type of activity. Chloe also enjoys taking pictures and having her picture taken. Chloe loves to sing and enjoys being in choir. She really enjoys playing with her baby dolls. Chloe enjoys any type of arts and crafts and likes to draw pictures.

Isaiah and Chloe are very close to each other. They really enjoy each other's company and play well together. They do, at times, have the normal sibling competitiveness. Isaiah and Chloe both enjoy playing outside and going on outings. They are very talkative and outgoing children. Isaiah and Chloe would love to have a pet, as they really enjoy animals. They enjoy going to church and participating in church youth group. They also enjoy going to school and participating in the different activities. Isaiah likes being silly and making his sister laugh. Chloe loves laughing at Isaiah's jokes. Isaiah enjoys playing football and Chloe enjoys cheerleading.

The family who adopts Isaiah and Chloe will need to be very structured and consistent, as they do better with a routine. They also need a family who is active. The ideal family will be patient and allow the children time to adjust and become comfortable. Isaiah and Chloe will do well with a family who shows that they love the children both equally and individually. Isaiah and Chloe would love a family with animals!

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