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Dai-ren from Texas



from Texas

Dai-Ren is a kind and independent child who is helpful around the house. Dai-Ren likes playing video games and watching movies. He loves dancing the most, but he also likes bowling, and playing any type of sport. Dai-Ren's behaviors have improved tremendously over the last six months. He is now able to calm himself down and his loud outbursts have decreased significantly. He continues working hard to comply with the rules of the home and has made many positive changes. He realizes that he is the oldest child in the home and he is now able to be a better example to the younger children. He is enjoying school. Dai-Ren has a healthy appetite and particularly likes such meals as spaghetti, pork chops, and macaroni and cheese.

Dai-Ren will benefit from a family who is patient and understanding of his needs. A strong male figure will also help Dai-Ren. The ideal family will use many positive behavior management approaches and encourage him in order to help build good self-esteem. The best fit family for Dai-Ren will understand age appropriate discipline and exhibit patience when dealing with him and certain behaviors.

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