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Dean from Texas



from Texas

Dean has a lot of energy and enjoys being outside and riding his bike. He also enjoys playing video games. Dean has participated in sports in the past and does well in football. He is currently participating in swim lessons so he can become a strong swimmer. Dean struggles behaviorally and has poor impulse control. He takes medication that helps with this and has made progress since being in his current home. He does well academically for the most part, but struggles in reading and does not enjoy doing homework. Dean does not have any medical needs. Dean enjoys animals, so a home with pets will be great for him.

Dean will do best in a two-parent household with a strong male role model. However, both parents will need to be patient and allow Dean time and space to heal from his trauma. Dean has three sisters that he is bonded to who are not part of this adoption. A home that will allow frequent contact with them will be in his best interest. Dean will do best being the youngest or only child in the home.

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