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Derrek from Texas



from Texas

Derrek is a loving child with a gracious smile. He has a happy go lucky personality and loves attention and being in the company of family. He enjoys being around others and is generally a happy child. Derrek enjoys listening to music, being sung and read to, listening to the TV or playing with musical toys. Though he is visually impaired, he is able to identify with others by their voice. He recognizes the scent of those who are familiar and will move his head and arms in the direction of familiar voices. He is primarily non-verbal but he communicates in a unique way. Derrek has surprised everyone by saying, "What" on more than one occasion and in the correct context. He is able to express himself with his movement. He will extend his hand to hold your hand. He is helpful in his own way. Derrek is able to adjust to new environments. He loves vocal interaction and the sound of the birds and water when he is outside. When Derrek is irritable, he responds best to a calming voice or a gentle touch to his head or stomach as it makes him feel safe. Derrek is a child with quadriplegia and who somewhat dependent on others. He has made significant progress in his overall health. He does receive personal care services to aide in his care. He also attends school full time. Derrek receives speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy through the school system and at home. Derrek has other aids to assist in movement, protection, and strength such as a wheelchair, stander, (AFO) ankle foot orthotics, Binek (hand brace), and compression vest. He uses an oscillating fan to help keep him cool. Derrek has a healthy appetite and is able to enjoy the same meals that an average child can enjoy as long as the food is pureed. He is primarily feed with a spoon. However, if he is ill or irritable he is fed with his feeder. He takes Pediasure to supplement his nutrition. Derrek has seizures but they have been stable and under control per neurological testing.

Derrek will benefit from a family who is nurturing, attentive, loving, and will advocate for his care. Being in a safe and nurturing home, will ease his transition. Derrek will benefit from being in a home with other children but this not required. The ideal parents will have experience providing care for individuals with medical needs. Derrek will benefit from being in a two parent or one parent home with a support system and the resources to provide for his needs and care

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