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Desmond from Texas



from Texas

Desmond is very shy at first, but once you establish a rapport with him, he is comfortable and opens up with you. Desmond is a clever and smart child. He enjoys the outdoors and likes to play games. In social gatherings, Desmond is very observant and inquisitive. He responds well to positive praise and consistency. He is very innocent when it comes to trusting others. Desmond is a kind, sensitive and caring child who has displayed a great deal of progress. Desmond gets along well with adults and other children. He also enjoys reading. He is polite, giving, loyal, likes to share, and he is a pleasure to be around. He is hands-on and he enjoys indoor activities. He loves to play video games with his brother. Desmond likes watching television, playing music, and listening to the music. He has a wonderful personality that everybody adores. He requires structure, some redirection, and follows through with directives. Desmond has a wonderful personality which makes him well-liked.

Marcus and Desmond are wonderful children who are well-mannered most of the time. They share a close bond with each other and they get along well together. They enjoy playing together and going shopping. They also like to play basketball and video games together. This dynamic duo is charismatic and eloquently spoken. As the older brother, Marcus is very protective of Desmond. He is a sweet, respectful child and can be shy when you first meet him. Marcus enjoys watching television and listening to music. Desmond is also sweet, respectful, and caring. He does well academically and is on the school honor roll. He enjoys reading and doing crossword puzzles. Marcus and Desmond are a great sibling group and they are a joy to be around.

Desmond will benefit from a family that will provide him with a safe, secure, structured, and nurturing home environment. It is important that the family be able to provide him with consistency, adequate supervision, and encouragement. Desmond deserves a family that will provide him with positive role models, as well as love and affection. Desmond needs caring parents who are willing to dedicate time to building trust and confidence in him.

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