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Destonee from Texas



from Texas

Destonee is a delightful youth with a wide range of hobbies and interests, and some very specific hopes and dreams. She loves to do various arts and crafts, the more intricate the better. She needs plenty of time to complete her projects because leaving one unfinished can be very disappointing for her. She is active and spontaneous, but loves to play several sports to burn off that energy. However, she is just as likely to snuggle down to watch a movie or read, especially series books like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. Destonee devotes a great deal of time learning about all types of animals and hopes that her new family will be animal lovers as well. While Destonee is typically a very happy child, at times sadness can get her down. She is eager for a family who will support her through her challenges, but especially dreams of having a family who is just as excited to make new and happy memories with her.

Destonee needs a loving and supportive family. She needs a family who is patient with her and who can offer her positive guidance. She enjoys being the center of attention so a family who has the time to spend with her will be ideal. An active family who will play outside with her will be best. Destonee will do well with few other children and as the youngest child in the family.