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Devon from Texas



from Texas

Devon is a typical teen who likes to play video games and hang out with his peers. He likes to socialize with his friends at the local basketball courts and at the YMCA. Devon also likes to run. He attends church on a weekly basis and has participated in the youth ministries. Devon is a youth who takes pride in his appearance. He at times he has difficulty in acting without thinking and he can be negatively influenced by peers. Devon is learning to manage and he will go in the backyard alone and calm himself. His caregiver continues to introduce him to positive peers to encourage him to make better choices.

Devon will benefit from a family who is patient and understanding. A family who will provide a home that will enhance his well-being, happiness, and health, is needed. Devon needs a family who will provide guidance and encouragement during the adolescent years. He needs a family who will model and provide support in social and academic areas.

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