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Dewaylon from Texas



from Texas

Dewaylon is an outspoken and inquisitive youth who always has a smile waiting to happen. He is described as being very lovable and a good conversationalist who thoroughly enjoys being the center of attention. Dewaylon likes horses and handles them very well. He also likes to fish, spend time outdoors, and doesn't mind allowing the latest technology and trends to catch his eye. Football, basketball, and other sports are on his "list of likes" as well. Dewaylon lists some of his other favorite hobbies as music, watching TV, and dancing. Yes, Dewaylon claims to have the moves. Among some of his favorite foods are Chinese food, nachos, and a big juicy burger. A few of his favorite toys are the Xbox, the PlayStation, and the electric scooter. Dewaylon enjoys going to school and interacting with his peers. He achieves much in school both socially and academically when given genuine encouragement, praise, and the consistency of a committed family being there for him. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Dewaylon is looking for a family who is equipped to give him all the time he needs to fit in, feel safe, and learn to trust. He needs a family who will help him feel secure, not just tell him, but patiently show him over time, until he genuinely knows it. A family who will help him open up and be able to express his feelings would be a rush of fresh air for Dewaylon.

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