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Eduardo from Texas



from Texas

Eduardo is a charming and friendly child. He loves being around people. He loves his trucks and toys. Eduardo also enjoys playing outside, including swinging, and swimming. He does very well with routine and structure because he has difficulty with transition. Eduardo loves to give and receive hugs and being the center of attention. He also enjoys having background sounds, such as music and television. Eduardo loves to go eat at Chick-fil-A and go to an accessible park where he can play. Eduardo participates in occupational, physical, and speech therapy at school during the school year and at home during the summer. He requires assistance with hygiene and dressing. He can be friendly and pleasant but has recently been struggling with personal boundaries. Eduardo has the ability to progress and acquire new skills as he recently learned to walk in the last year after recovering from frequent medical issues. Faculty at his school state that he has improved and has acquired new and additional skills since starting attendance several years ago. Eduardo is a resilient child.

Eduardo will benefit from a forever family with a male role model as Eduardo has a history of responding well to the male influence. He is also accustomed to having other children in the home so a family who has two additional children is preferred. Eduardo enjoys being the center of attention and would like a family who will meet this need. The family will need to keep him safe and provide a nurturing environment for him. They will need to be trained in caring for medically fragile children along with addressing his developmental needs. The family will need to be informed on utilizing community or educational resources to meet Eduardo's needs. The adoptive family will be committed to fulfilling all of Eduardo's emotional, physical, social, recreational, developmental, educational, and social needs. The ideal family will be prepared to nurture and care for Eduardo on a long term basis. He requires a family with lots of patience. Eduardo needs a family who has a routine and has clearly defined boundaries.