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Gregorio from Texas



from Texas

Gregorio likes to be called Joe. Joe is a friendly and sociable child who loves to talk. He loves running indoors and outdoors. Joe is athletic and wants to try all types of sports. He loves playing games but does best if he gets to be first. Joe likes to be with his friends and engages them in all kinds of play. He is a smart child although he has some difficulties paying attention at school. He loves to smile and pose as action figures in pictures. Joe loves to be the center of attention and loves to hug and enjoys being loved. He enjoys being outdoors benefits from participating in hobbies that are outdoors. He participates in supportive services to help maintain positive behaviors. Joe is continuing to learn ways to manage his behaviors.

Joe will benefit from a two parent household or a single father household, preferably with no other children. He needs structure and a daily routine throughout the day. He needs reassurance and hugs often. Joe has quite a bit of energy and requires a family who is active and doing things outside the home. He will thrive in the city or suburban area. He needs a family with patience as he needs assistance in focusing in order for him to accomplish his tasks. Joe would love to experience outdoor play, especially with a male father figure.