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Isaiah from Texas



from Texas

Isaiah is a very sweet and affectionate youth who is able to bond with caregivers and form relationships with those around him. He enjoys music very much and he takes pleasure in singing gospel songs. Isaiah is also a crafty and enjoys creating and building things from items around him. He enjoys fabricating and erecting new gadgets out of Legos and blocks. Isaiah is definitely a boy's boy and he is very fond cars and helicopters. He loves the outdoors and loves activities like bike rides and playing sports. Isaiah is a bright child and receives special assistance in school to help him thrive.

The ideal family for Isaiah will be a loving family who will work with him one on one. He needs parents who will practice patience with him as he transitions to his new environment. The ideal family will keep an active lifestyle to ensure that Isaiah is able to thrive and grow. More than anything, Isaiah needs a family who will work with him through his limitations and provide stability and structure to help him fulfill his potential.

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