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Jacob from Texas



from Texas

Jacob is a wonderful youth with a photogenic smile. He is cautious at first, but will open up and become very easy to engage in conversation. Jacob loves the outdoors, which explains why he prefers wearing jeans and t-shirts. He loves sports like football and basketball. Away from home, he enjoys going swimming, bowling, or watching movies. At home he likes to unwind by spending time drawing, reading, or listening to music. Jacob's teacher reports that his favorite subject is reading and his least favorite subject is math. Some of Jacob's favorite subjects to read about include sharks, snakes, and spiders. At times, his behavior can be challenging, but Jacob is learning how to appropriately respond to frustrating situations and authority figures. Sometimes, Jacob can be down, but he is a very confident youth. Most of the time, Jacob is very positive, upbeat, and polite. Jacob has told caregivers that he desires to work at Taco Bell or to be a police officer when he grows up. A law enforcement career seems to fit Jacob's personality. Jacob is the older brother of a sister, who is not part of this adoption. He is always the protective older brother. Jacob's big smile shows something that comes naturally to him and that is a big heart with lots of love for those closest to him. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North Texas.

Jacob is very bonded with his sister, who is not part of this adoption. He would like to maintain contact with her and continue visits with her. Jacob's new forever family will need to be willing and able to continue sibling contact. Jacob seems to do well with a male role model to assist with any issues or challenges. He is still learning and practicing patience and understanding.

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