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Jaymes from Texas



from Texas

James' big brown eyes will pierce your soul and his endearing and loving ways will hold you captive. He likes to be called J.J. and presents himself as loner only because he chooses his friends carefully. Once he has a loving and trusting relationship with you, J.J. is known to be just as warm and loyal with his friends. J.J. likes toys that light up and/or make sounds. His favorite toys are usually balls or other objects that bounce. J.J. also plays with some trucks and cars. His fun time activities include dancing, yoga, and music therapy. He loves going swimming at the YWCA and meeting community members, policemen, and firemen. J.J. likes to participate in family type outings like going to the mall or to the park. J.J is a good student and he enjoys school. He participates in various activities, like physical fitness and recess. He attends special resource classes and is in speech and occupational therapy. J.J. is good at following a routine structure and he is responsive with gentle redirection when at school. J.J. works best in spurts with frequent breaks. J.J. is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and receives specialized and age appropriate services. He experiences limitation of skills needed to adapt to daily living. J.J is mostly non-verbal and has limited vision. He can understand you very well in spite of his challenges. J.J. communicates very well through his actions and through picture cards. J.J. loves to run and play. He enjoys playing catch, rolling balls, and bouncing balls. He is learning to throw at a distance.

J.J. needs a family who is patient and knowledgeable concerning children with Autism. His family will be able to meet his emotional needs which include structure, stability, and consistency within his daily routine. J.J.'s family will hold and comfort J.J. when he is sad. He will be encouraged and praised when J.J. makes accomplishments or does well. J.J. needs the above mentioned in order to develop a sense of trust and reliability with his family. His parents will help him continue to mature and achieve daily tasks. James is looking for a family who will love him and esteem him as any other precious child.

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