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Jonathan from Texas



from Texas

Jonathan is a bright and resourceful child. He is outgoing and funny, but can be slow to trust others. Jonathan loves sports, especially football. He recently enjoyed a summer football camp and was even named "Most Valuable Player" by his team! Jonathan sometimes has a hard time making friends, because he wants to be in charge. He struggles with accepting responsibility and consequences for his behaviors. Jonathan does well with his school work. However, he tends to have an ongoing pattern of being uncooperative with certain teachers. Jonathan likes big dogs and has done well with various animals in the home. He would like a family that will support him and allow him to continue to participate in sports. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Jonathan will do well with a family that has a firm, but nurturing, father figure. He will do best if the family has a fairly consistent routine. His family will need to be patient while he transitions to his new home. Jonathan may be very withdrawn at first and will need to be slowly coaxed into engaging with the family. He is slow to trust and build relationships and will want to test boundaries to assess his family's commitment to him. Jonathan's family will need to see past his actions and honor previous experiences so they can work through them together. Jonathan needs a lot of one-on-one attention and redirection. He can be fearful at night and unsure of the safety of his surroundings. He receives supportive services to help him navigate his feelings, fears, and uncertainties about the future. Jonathan would like to have continued contact with his foster father and siblings.

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