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Joy from Texas



from Texas

Joy is a very smart and determined girl who enjoys reading and sports. Joy is also fascinated with vampires and loves the Twilight and Vladimir Tod books. Joy describes herself as happy and playful and is always ready with a funny comment. She loves playing with Barbie dolls as well and will spend time in this activity when she can. She excels academically in school and is capable of earning very good grades. Joy does struggle with peer relationships and sometimes has a hard time keeping her hands to herself. She also needs support in social situations. She can be very persistent when she wants something. Joy will test limits and push boundaries. She has done well with supervision, structure, and routine. Visit me at the San Antonio Heart Gallery.

Joy is in need of a one or two parent family and will do well as an only child. She needs a family who is active and engages in activities but also sets firm and consistent limits. Joy does have extended family that is very important to her and would like to maintain sibling and extended family relationships.

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