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Kamdon from Texas



from Texas

Kamdon is a very energetic child who is very outgoing and loves to help out around the home with chores. At times he loses focus and gets distracted. He continues to learn how to interact appropriately with others his age and respond in a positive way to certain social situations. He loves to help in the kitchen with cooking. He loves riding his bike, playing outside, sports, and playing with puzzles and Legos. Kamdon also likes watching movies and playing video games. He can make poor choices at times, however he is working on getting better every day. Kamdon has a lively imagination and sometimes can have difficulty with embellishing the truth; however he accepts responsibility for his actions can easily be redirected.

Kamdon will do best in a home that has older children and a person with a lot of energy. He requires a home that has structure and understands the importance of age appropriate boundaries. Kamdon desires to be loved by a family who will accept him and teach him how to express his emotions in a positive way. The family best fit for Kamdon will take an interest in the activities he enjoys and be able to provide consistent structure because when he is off schedule it is difficult for him to cope.