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Kennedi from Texas



from Texas

Kennedi is a sweet-natured child who loves to smile and be cuddled. She is very observant and can be reserved when first meeting new people, but once she is comfortable she is loving and playful. Kennedi loves taking baths. She also likes wearing her sunglasses. One of Kennedi's favorite things to do is watch movies. Kennedi responds well to music, though she is non-verbal, she will clap along and dance to songs. Kennedi is very interactive with others. She loves to wave and is learning to make sounds to communicate with others. She plays well with other children and enjoys the company of others. Kennedi enjoys being on the move. She likes going for walks outside in her wagon. Kennedi is diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension and requires the use of an oxygen machine and a ventilator. She also has a g-tube and a tracheotomy. Kennedi is able to feed herself several foods orally. She requires 24-hour nursing services to assist her caregivers in meeting her needs. Kennedi is resilient and continues to make progress in services. She is a precious child who brings joy to those around her! She is very outgoing and loves to explore everything. Kennedi learns quickly and catches on to new things quickly. Kennedi is a brave child who is ready to find her forever family!

Kennedi will thrive with a family who will be willing to learn about and meet her medical needs. A family for Kennedi will to provide a safe environment where she can continue to meet her developmental goals. Kennedi's forever family will provide her with love, nurturing, and security in order to help her thrive in all aspects of her life.

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